How Often Should I Wax my Car?

Waxing your car regularly is essential in preserving your car’s paintwork, coating and protecting it from corrosive elements. There are lots of benefits to waxing your car, just a few of these include: protection from scratches and scuffs, improving the resale value of your car and making your car look new and shiny. It can be difficult to know how often you should wax your car. However, we have put together a simple guide to answer all of your questions.

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How often should I wax my car?

We recommend waxing your car twice a year at the very minimum.  To get the maximum shine and protection we would strongly advise waxing your car at least four times a year. If you leave your car for long periods without waxing it, your car is left vulnerable. Your car will also be at high risk to cosmetic damage and fading, inevitably decreasing your car’s value.

What happens if I wax my car too often?

Waxing your car at least four times a year is the perfect amount to obtain a beautifully protected vehicle. You may be tempted to wax your car more often than this, thinking it will increase protection. However, waxing your car too often can lead to large build-ups and clouding. Although it won’t damage your paintwork, it also won’t be doing it much good either.

Can you wax over imperfections?  

There is no reason why you cannot wax over your car’s imperfections such as scratches and scuffs. However, waxing over them will not remove or disguise them. To achieve a sparkling shiny car, ensure you get those imperfections dealt with before you start waxing. You can get a free estimate for your damage and imperfections below.

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Does the weather affect when I should wax my car?

Yes, the seasons and weather can play an important role when waxing your car. During the summer months, the weather is usually warmer with less rainfall. This will give your wax a longer lifespan. However, during the winter, with elements of rain, snow and frost, you may need to wax your car more regularly.

Does the age of my car matter?

Old cars that haven’t been taken good care of will usually need to be waxed more often. This is to restore the shine of the car and protect it from any future damage. New cars shouldn’t need as much attention as the paintwork will be new and still in good condition.

What are the advantages of waxing my car?

Wax adds a thin layer that protects your car in many ways, it can protect your car’s paintwork against light scratches. When your car is exposed to harsh sunlight, the UV rays in the sun can cause your car’s paintwork to fade. However, the layer of wax can stop this from happening, leaving your car looking newer for longer. Adding wax to your car paintwork smooths down the surface making it difficult for dirt to stick to. Therefore, wax can actually also keep your car cleaner for longer. Wax produces a glossy shine leaving your car sparkling and shiny.

Waxing your car regularly not only restores and keeps the shine, but it also protects the exterior and helps maintain your car’s value. Although it can be time-consuming, it is definitely worth it to keep your car looking and feeling brand new.

If you want to keep your car’s paintwork looking as good as new for as long as possible, it is also advisable to have any minor damage repaired by a professional as soon as possible. So, if you have a minor dent, paintwork scratch or bumper scuff, get in touch with your local ChipsAway specialist today for a free estimate.

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