Keyed Car Repairs

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It is so frustrating to return to your car and find a vandal or key scratch along the side of the body. Occurring across the nation on a daily basis, and costing the public millions each year, vandal scratches are seemingly on the increase.

Car Keyed Repair 101

Car damage, such as an accidental scratch or dent from driving is stressful enough, without it being due to deliberate ‘car keying’ damage. Vandal scratches are hugely unfortunate, as they not only affect the overall appearance of your vehicle but will also impact the resale value when you come to sell your car. One of the biggest risks of a key scratch or of vandalism of your car is, if left untreated, these car vandal scratches may lead to further damage down the line. 

Of course, these things happen, but knowing how to fix car key damage quickly will help you to move on from the problem without having to glance at it every time you jump in the car. It is not uncommon for further complications caused by rust or exposure to the elements to occur. This means that, the longer a vandal scratch is left before it is repaired, the more difficult it becomes to fix. Ultimately, the more difficult it is to fix the more expensive it can become. 

The great news is that keyed car repairs don’t need to break the bank if they are tacked quickly and efficiently. At ChipsAway we offer a car key scratch repair service that is designed to help you get your car looking pristine again in no time. Our service is built around your convenience, so you don’t need to worry. Getting your car scratched is bad enough – let us take care of the rest. Specialised car keyed repair is the best solution for motorists faced with this type of car damage. 

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Keyed Car Scratch Repairs and Removing Scratches from your Car

To help you get your car back to normal, at ChipsAway, we have developed a vandal scratch removal process to fix the damage and repair the paint around the scratch. Our process has been designed to make keyed car repairs and vandal scratches as painless as possible, using the latest technology in order to provide a flawless finish on your car. What is more, our repairs can be completed your convenience – at a time and a place to suit you. Whether you are at home, at work, or on holiday, our local experts are positioned all around the UK, waiting for your call.

The ChipsAway keyed car repair process eliminates the need for expensive bodyshops and insurance premiums, because it uses SMART Repair techniques. Our SMART Repair techniques allow for us to quickly and efficiently remove keyed car scratches and vandal damage with ease, creating a flawless finish. If your car has been scratched by a vandal you probably feel stress from the unfortunate situation. Let us take the stress out of the repair.


SMART Keyed Car Repairs from ChipsAway

At ChipsAway, of our specialists are fully trained in SMART repair techniques. SMART (standing for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) is a technique used for repairing small areas of car bodywork damage, such as vandal scratches, and keyed car panels that saves both time and money.

In the past, a traditional car repair would require for a large area to be affected. Whole panels would need to be taken off the car in order to massage out a dent or fill a scratch. SMART repairs do away with the traditional process, and instead focus on a far smaller area. SMART repair uses specialist paints, materials and tools to blend the repair into the surrounding panel, making it a much quicker and cost-effective process than a traditional body shop repair. That cost effectiveness is passed onto you, the car owner, as it saves you money.

There are a few benefits to our SMART car scratch repair when it comes to vandal damage. The first of the benefits is that (as mentioned before) the SMART repair method allows for the repair to be focused on a small area, rather than having to get an entire panel repaired. This usually means that the SMART repair method not only provides an incredibly high level of repair, but it also keeps costs low.

Due to the nature of SMART Repairs, being incredibly focused and localised, they can be completed faster than a typical bodyshop would be able to do the repair. Again, this helps make SMART repairs the most convenient form of repair as they can be finalised and concluded within a couple of hours, rather than taking days like the traditional style of repair.

For added convenience, ChipsAway can remove vandal scratches such as keyed car panels, at a time and place to suit you, with over 200 specialists across the country. Providing a national service, our experts are positioned all around the UK and can help you wherever you are based.

Why chose ChipsAway?

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At ChipsAway, we are the original Car Paintwork Repair Specialists. Founded in 1994, we have developed a fantastic reputation for providing high-quality SMART vehicle scratch repairs, whether they are keyed car repairs or whether they were put there by a misplaced bollard. The quality of our work, and the satisfaction of our customers, have led to us earning a coveted 5* rating on Trustpilot from over 45,000 reviews.

Our technicians offer a mobile keyed car repair service or depending on your location, you may also have the option to visit one of our conveniently located Car Care Centres. No matter where you are in Britain, whether in England, Scotland or Wales, we have experts nearby who can help you with any car key scratch repair you need.

As well as specialising in keyed car repairs and vandal scratch repairs, ChipsAway also specialise in repairing Bumper Scuffs, Minor Dents, and Alloy Wheel damage. If you’re looking to protect your car’s paintwork, then a large selection of our specialists can also offer the Supagard Paint Protection service as well.

Keyed Car Repair FAQ

How Frequently Do Cars Get Keyed?

According to research conducted by RAC Insurance, they found that two thirds of British motorists have found their vehicle scratched or dented in a car park at some point or other. Amongst those people, almost a third of them (32%) believe that the damage was keyed intentionally by another motorist.

Is a Keyed Car Considered Vandalism?

If you have come back to your parked car to find that it has been scratched along the side then keyed cars are often considered as vandalism and often covered under comprehensive car insurance. You will need to check to see if this is the case on your own insurance certificate or with your insurance provider.

One of the core benefits of getting your car repaired by ChipsAway however, is that our SMART repairs are often cheaper than your car insurance premium.

Can I repair a Keyed Car Scratch Myself?

If the scratch is only superficial and on the very surface (or clearcoat) of the car, then it may be possible to repair it yourself using a car scratch repair kit. If the scratch is deeper though and cuts through into the metal then it is best to contact a professional. This is because a deeper scratch needs to be treated properly in order to ensure that it does not rust or lead to larger amounts of potential damage at a later date.

How long does a Keyed Car Repair take?

The great news is that, although getting your car keyed is inconvenient, the repair doesn’t need to be. Using the SMART repair method, getting a scratch removed from your car only takes a few hours to complete. This means that your car can be back on the road, looking like it did before the scratch occurred, in no time.

Are keyed cars covered by insurance?

Whether a car key scratch repair is covered by your insurance will depend on your policy, as some insurers include it and some insurers don’t. The good news though is that, at ChipsAway, we specialise in a fast and efficient service that usually comes in cheaper than the excess on your car insurance. This puts the choice back in your control as to whether you want to claim on your insurance.

How can I prevent car key scratches and vandalism?

Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way of protecting your car from vandalism or car key scratches; however, there are certain things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of it happening. 

  1. Park in a well-lit spot such as under a street lamp 
  2. Park on your driveway close to your home 
  3. Install surveillance cameras or video-doorbells which capture passers-by 
  4. Do not park too closely to others  

Doing the above doesn’t mean you can absolutely avoid your car being keyed or vandalised, but they can help reduce the odds. 

How much does it cost to repair a Keyed Car?

At ChipsAway, we specialise in convenient and affordable car scratch repair that is designed around your needs. Due to our SMART repair methodology, we can complete a car scratch repair at a fraction of the price of a traditional body shop. That being said, the precise cost of your keyed car repair will depend on how large the damaged area is.

Does My Insurance Cover Car Keyed Repair?

Once you have reported the crime to your local police station, or by calling 101, you will receive an official crime number, which will be necessary to make a claim on your car insurance.  

However, there are some important factors to consider before making a claim: 

  • Will your insurance claim require you to pay an excess amount that is equal or more than the cost of carrying out the car keyed repair? It may not be worth the paperwork and insurance claim costs. 
  • Will making a claim for car keyed repairs bump up your insurance claim?  
  • Is the damage small enough to have the work carried out by a specialised car keyed repair technician quickly and easily by ChipsAway – call for a no-obligation quote to find out.  

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