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Minor Dent Repair

Car dents are unfortunately a fact of life. No matter how careful you are, the odds are that at some point in your car’s life you will need some kind of minor dent repair. Dents happen, and when they do, we are here to help.

Here at ChipsAway we have specialists based all around the country offering minor dent repair and dent removal services. As well as mobile car repair specialists, we have a series of fully equipped Car Care Centres across the UK, depending on what is most convenient. For more information, just call our friendly helpline on 0800 145 5118, or alternatively use our contact us form to locate your nearest dent removal specialist. No matter where you are in the UK, from London to Edinburgh, we have a ChipsAway specialist ready to help.

Our car dent removal service can rectify most minor dents, like car dings and round dents that have been caused by the car being hit by small objects that have bent or torn the car metal. From side panel to bumper, no matter where the dent is, we are on hand to get your car as good as new in no time.

ChipsAway SMART Dent Removal

ChipsAway specialists offer a mobile car dent removal and repair service, where they can complete a dent removal and respray in just a few hours. This service is also available at our ChipsAway Car Care Centres, depending on the area you are in.

If the dent also has paintwork damage, then filler and a respray is required. ChipsAway specialists first sand down the damage and then fill the dent. The whole damaged area is then rubbed down before being resprayed, lacquered and polished, so the vehicle looks as good as new. During the SMART repair process, ChipsAway specialists use colour match technology to ensure a perfect finish to every dent repair.

How Much does a Minor Dent Repair Cost?

The cost of a minor dent repair is dependent on the size, location and extent of the dent. The size of the dent to your vehicle will determine the cost, for example a small dent is much easier and quicker to repair, compared to a large deep dent. Another factor is the location of the dent, if the dent covers more than one panel, then extra respray work is required. Finally, the extent of the dent will determine the repair cost. However, SMART repairs are often cheaper than your insurance excess, meaning you won’t need to make a claim.

Repairing Dents in Your Car

No matter how your car has ended up being dented, whether by a stray football, another car, or a runaway shopping trolley – we don’t judge – we just fix it. For the best car dent repair, contact ChipsAway. We’re always more than happy to help.

Looking for more info? Head over to our Car Dent FAQ blog post. 

Here at ChipsAway are also specialists in Paintwork Scratches, Alloy Wheel Repair, Bumper Scuffs and Supagard Paint Protection. No matter what problem you have with your car exterior, we can help you get your car as good as new in no time.

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