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So, you've got some minor damage and want to get an instant quote for repairing it? 
It might not be a surprise to you that the cost of a ChipsAway repair varies depending on the damage. It is not just the size that affects the price of a repair though. The specialist will also need to consider the location of the scratch or dent on the vehicle, and how deeply the damage has penetrated the vehicle bodywork, in order to assess how long the job will take and how best to approach it
Each piece of damage is unique, whether it's a bumper scuff, paintwork scratch or minor dent, to estimate it accurately, we ideally need to see the damage first.
This is why we undertake a thorough investigation of the vehicle, and offer a free, no-obligation estimate service. 
It may be possible for our specialists to give a ChipsAway repair estimate over the phone just by discussing the damage. Photographs, where possible, are also very helpful. However to get a true idea of the price we would ideally need to assess the damage in person.
If you would like to find out more about ChipsAway's prices and how much it will cost to get your car repaired by a ChipsAway specialist, simply enquire online today. One of our franchisees will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a free, no obligation estimate.


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This customer was right to shop around for the best car repair price, and found that ChipsAway was extremely low-cost compared with insurance and bodyshops:

"The repair is perfect - the dealership quoted a repair cost of £512, my Insurance quoted £960 to repair the car paint damage and Matthew Leeson and Alex (who is being trained for Bentley) completed the job at the ChipsAway cost of £180 plus VAT. Convenient, good quality and fully guaranteed - why would you go anywhere else?"

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Do you have a bumper scuff or paintwork scratch you'd like fixed ASAP? Take a look at the services we offer below and enquire online today for your FREE no-obligation estimate!


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