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The Brand

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Established over 20 years, ChipsAway is the established brand leader in the auto repairs sector,  with over 11 times higher recognition amongst car owners than our nearest competitor,  according to recent YouGov Data. The survey showed that over a third (33%) of those who named a brand cited the ChipsAway name, and this fantastic result can be attributed to the fact that ChipsAway is the only franchise of its kind with regular national TV advertising campaigns, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

ChipsAway Chief Executive Tim Harris says, “YouGov is a well-respected indicator of views and attitudes across Britain, and we’re delighted to confirm that awareness of the ChipsAway brand is growing year-on-year. This is without doubt due to the combination of high profile national advertising, including our 8-year-strong TV campaign, as well as word of mouth recommendation  to others from happy customers – a major source of new business leads for our franchisees.”

He added, “With approximately 35 million vehicles on the road, we estimate - based on these YouGov findings – that around 23 million of these require our services. Of course, we already knew that ChipsAway enjoyed a massive, constantly replenishing pool of customers, but it’s great to have the scale of the opportunity confirmed in this way. Our focus going forward will be to  continue to build up awareness of our brand and promote the service we offer, to achieve wider recognition and generate more new business leads for our network.”

There are many franchise business opportunities out there, but becoming a franchise owner with brand leaders ChipsAway not only means that you are joining the originators of SMART repair technology, but you will also be part of the biggest network of automotive paintwork repairers in the UK.

Franchise Brands plc

ChipsAway is owned by international franchisor Franchise Brands plc, who have a combined network of over 450 franchisees in 12 countries

Franchise Brands was founded in September 2008 by Stephen Hemsley (Executive Chairman) and Nigel Wray (Non-Executive Director), the Group’s principal shareholders, who have substantial experience in franchising. Stephen Hemsley currently holds the position of Non-Executive Chairman of Domino’s Pizza. During his nearly 20-year association with Domino’s Pizza, Stephen has taken the company from a market capitalisation of £25 million to around £1.6 billion, and from around 100 stores to over 1,000 across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

A key strength of Franchise Brands plc is our highly developed range of central support services, notably in the areas of marketing, franchise recruitment and franchise support. Our franchisees benefit from proven national marketing and comprehensive initial training and on-going support and development in order to help them grow their businesses.


The Market

Row of CarsMarket research shows that over 64%* of the 34 million vehicles on the UK roads have 'ChipsAway' damage, which means our franchise partners can enjoy massive demand from a  rapidly growing and replenishing market. Part of ChipsAway’s popularity is that it is a cheaper alternative for customers rather than going through their own insurance, and with research showing** that parking prangs are now costing us £1.4 billion per year, at an average bill of  £2,050, it’s no wonder more customers are flocking to ChipsAway.

In 2016 we continued to break records, achieving our highest amount of customer enquiries ever. This allowed us to provide our network with a supply of £75,000 worth of leads each over the course of the year, a milestone we are extremely proud of.

 We have no doubt that our customer base will continue to grow. Parking in a car park has led to two-thirds of motorists suffering damage to their vehicles**, with an unfortunate 31% saying they  had had it happen on several occasions.

 As increasing numbers of motorists learn about the time and money saving advantages of the  ChipsAway repair service being the practical alternative to a body shop, your business growth  rate will continue to increase rapidly.

  *All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Fieldwork was undertaken in 2017. 

**Research from Accident Exchange 2016

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