How To Get Rid of Dog Smell in Car

Whether you are taking a long road trip, heading to the beach, nearby forest or just fancy a drive into town, there is nothing better than taking your furry friend with you. Having the freedom to explore your surroundings and be out and about together is just one of the perks of being a devoted pet owner. However, as we all know, these wonderful adventures may come at a small price: the smell of your car.

Golden Retriever dog sat in the car

As much as we adore our dogs, it’s safe to say their odour at times isn’t always the most pleasant. No need to panic though, ChipsAway have put together a simple guide on how to obliterate those nasty smells. So, you can continue your car journeys with your dog but in a fresh smelling car.

Remove Car Odour with Fresh Air

First things first, the odour may seem worse if it’s contained in the vehicle with no fresh air circulating. As simple as it sounds, unwind all the windows in the car and take a drive. A fresh breeze from different directions may be all it takes to lift the odour and freshen up your car. Try this first and see how you get on, if the smell is still there, no problem, just keep on reading.

dog with head of out of car window fresh air

Removing Dog Smell from Car Upholstery

Car seats and upholstery are the worst culprits for having the scent embedded deep into the material, these may take a little longer to clean, however with the correct products it won’t be too difficult. Start off by giving everything a good vacuum to remove loose dirt and dog hair.

If you are looking to remove other odours such as smoke from your car upholstery, we have a full guide here.

Now time to clean. It’s wise to use a product that contains a bio-enzyme formula. Bio-enzyme products eliminate odours and digest dirt using natural bugs, once all of the mess has disappeared, the bugs that remove the dirt and smell will die off, leaving just water and carbon dioxide that will eliminate the smell entirely- just ensure you get the correct ratio of product to water. Please note these products are completely animal friendly and pose no threat or harm to your pooches.  Using this product, scrub all of the seats and upholstery, once complete, open all of the doors to allow fresh air into the car, this will help dry it quicker. Return in a few hours and the smell is gone.

Using Bio enzyme products is a great way to remove odours completely, however there are alternative ways to get your car smelling gorgeous again without using any products, just natural ingredients:

Baking Soda to Remove Dog Smell

Why not try baking soda! Baking soda has a great reputation for absorbing unwanted odours without adding any of its own. All you need for this is baking soda and a bowl, it’s really that easy.

  1. Simply place ¼ cup of baking soda into your bowl and find a place to pop it in your car- try and find a central region.
  2. Ensure it is in a stable place, somewhere where it won’t spill over! A good place could be in the middle of the dashboard.
  3. All you have to do now is sit back and relax, leave the bowl inside the car undisturbed overnight and let it work its magic.

Over the course of the night, all the nasty odours will slowly absorb into the baking soda. Once you are up and ready to drive the next day, just remove the bowl and throw the baking soda away. Please note for extremely stubborn, strong-smelling dog odours you may have to leave the soda a couple of nights for all odours to be removed.

If you have tried all of these methods and the dog car odour remains, then you could call a professional valeter. These professionals use super strong products that will work on tough stubborn odours. To prevent future odours, it’s a good idea to use an old blanket for your pets to sit on whilst on the journey. You can then easily remove this and put it in the washing machine. This will help keep your car smelling fresher for longer. Other top tips include driving with the windows down if possible and investing in a good quality air freshener.

Supagard Fabric Protection

Supagard offer a professional internal protector, which protects the interior of your car from spills, mud, dirt and mucky pets!

When professionally applied by a ChipsAway technician, each fibre of the seats and carpets are coated with a resin-based formula, which eases the removal of interior dirt and spillages. The Supagard protection prevents staining on the interior of your car, whilst also preserving the texture and appearance of the material. 

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