Spring Clean Your Car With Household Items

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – it’s also the perfect time to give your car some much-needed attention. After all, a clean car not only looks great but also reflects positively on you as an owner. Whether you’re aiming for a sparkling interior or a shiny exterior, you don’t need to splurge on fancy car care products. Instead, raid your pantry and utility room for these household items that can work wonders on your car.

woman cleaning the interior of a car with a pink cloth and gloves

Mirror Cleaner

Forget pricey glass cleaners – an unexpected hero for cleaning mirrors is old-fashioned shaving foam. Opt for the foamy variety rather than modern gels. Simply spray a small amount onto your mirrors, inside and out, then wipe away for a streak-free shine. If you prefer a natural alternative, mix water with a few drops of white vinegar in a spray bottle. This solution works wonders on glass, chrome, and stainless steel surfaces.

Car Upholstery Cleaner

Cleaning your car’s upholstery doesn’t have to be a hassle. For everyday maintenance, a damp cloth will suffice. But if you want to tackle germs as well, add a few drops of undiluted vinegar to your cleaning routine – about 6 drops per litre of water should do the trick. Another handy tip is to sprinkle baking powder on your upholstery before vacuuming. Let it sit overnight if possible; it will absorb moisture and odours, leaving your seats fresh and clean. For more information on how to remove smells from car upholstery, read our blog here.

Hair Remover

If you are a pet owner, there’s bound to be some stubborn hairs that just won’t disappear even after vacuuming. The shorter the hairs, the more difficult and embedded into the fabric of the interiors they can be. Really tough ones can be tweezed out, but it’s also worthy using something like Play-doh or Blu Tack – just roll into a ball and press – the hair should come away. This is also a great tip for tiny shards of glass that are hard to remove.

Add Some Lubricant

Got a glove box that’s a bit ‘stuck’? Or a non-essential moving part that doesn’t quite return back to where it should? Then the chances are it needs a bit of lubricant. If you can remove the part to get to the ‘mechanics’ then do so. Either give it a quick spray of WD40, or if that’s not available, a good rub with the end of a candle should do it. This works perfectly on everything from stuck drawers to creaky door hinges.


For greasy fingerprints on your car’s metalwork, a simple solution is olive oil. Apply a few drops to a soft cloth and gently rub away the grease. The oil’s natural properties make it excellent for cutting through grime and restoring shine.

General Car Cleaning

Baking powder (baking soda) is the answer here. To create a gentle cleaning paste, add a few drops of water to the soda, and a squeeze of lemon juice. The consistency should be a liquid paste that’s not too runny, but is liquid enough to act as a cleaner. Then use this mixture on places like the interior plastic (dashboard, side storage on doors) etc. In the absence of baking powder, a gentle dilute of mouthwash is also a good alternative (but don’t use on wood surfaces).

Fresh Scent

Harsh chemical deodorizers are not to everyone’s taste. Why not get fresh and natural after your spring clean? Just cut a lemon in half, and leave it in the car for 24 hours. That’s a lovely way to freshen the scent, secure in the knowledge there’s not a chemical for anyone to breathe in.

With these household items and simple techniques, you can spring clean your car without breaking the bank. Just remember not to wash the exterior when it’s warm, as this can cause streaks, and avoid air-drying to ensure an even finish. Once you’re done, treat yourself to a well-deserved cup of tea and enjoy your sparkling-clean car.

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