How to Repair A Cracked Bumper

Car bumpers can crack for several reasons, but most commonly because the car has collided with something unexpectedly. A minor collision with a bollard or high kerb can cause a bumper scuff, bumper scratch or even a bumper crack. Most modern Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bumpers are made from plastic with a steel reinforcement bar hidden in the centre, so the plastic bumper may easily crack if damaged.

car bumper scratched, dented and cracked

Bumpers that are cracked or dented can not only look unsightly but can also be a safety risk. Fixing damage to your bumper is imperative, as a cracked bumper can’t necessarily absorb impact as well as an undamaged bumper can. Find out more on why you should get your bumper repaired here.

Bumper repair over replace

A cracked bumper does not always mean that the whole bumper needs replacing. SMART car body repair specialists can often repair minor bumper cracks and scuffs, saving time and money.

DIY Bumper Repair Kit

In some cases, bumper scratches or scuffs can be repair at home, with a DIY repair kit. However, if your bumper is split or cracked, it is recommended that you speak to a professional. Attempting a cracked bumper repair with no experience could lead to further costly complications.

For step by step instructions on how to use a bumper repair kit, read our guide here.

Professional Bumper Repairs

Most ChipsAway specialists offer bumper repairs, either on your driveway, workplace or at one of our conveniently placed Car Care Centres. ChipsAway specialists offer professional and convenient cracked bumper repairs, which save time and the cost of a replacement bumper.

At ChipsAway, we specialise in SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair) bumper repairs, which means specialists don’t always need to replace or remove the whole bumper. Instead we conduct a highly focused bumper scratch, scuff or crack repair and blend the repair into the surrounding area.

  1. Our specialists begin by cleaning the area, to access the damage.
  2. Then the damage is repaired by heating, sanding or filling the bumper.
  3. Once the bumper is repaired, the area is then primed and cured with a specialist heat lamp.
  4. Once the damage has been primed, ChipsAway specialists mix the colour code in their mobile workshop using a spectrophotometer to ensure a perfect colour match.
  5. The repaired bumper is then resprayed, lacquered and cured with heat lamps.
  6. Once the repair is dry, the area is polished to ensure the bumper looks as good as new.

So, if you have a cracked, scuffed or scratched bumper, contact your local ChipsAway specialist today for a free no-obligation estimate.

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