What are the best bumper repair techniques?

We have all been there, reversing too quickly and forgetting to check that all-important blind spot. Cringing at the sound of the bumper colliding with a bollard, high curb or lamppost. Minor bumper damage is very common. A minor bumper collision can result in a bumper scuff to the paintwork, a dent or even a cracked bumper.

Many drivers ignore minor bumper damage to save money or simply forget to get the bumper repaired. But in the long run, getting a bumper repair is the best option. Bumpers with cracks, scratches or dents can look very unsightly and can result in a safety risk.

Why should I get my bumper repaired?

Resale Value

Noticeable bumper damage can decrease your vehicle’s overall value. Whether selling the car privately or to a dealership. Cars with minor bumper damage are likely to raise suspicions with a buyer, and they may suspect further underlying damage. When selling a vehicle, you want to present it in the best possible light. This means having any minor damage repaired.


Car bumpers are designed to absorb the force of an impact sustained during either a front or rear collision. Even minor superficial damage can weaken the structure of the bumper. So it’s very important to speak to a bumper repair specialist and get the damaged fixed as soon as you can. Many modern cars also have ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors fitted within the bumpers to help with parking and general driving. So it is essential that these aren’t compromised, as this could mean relying on these aids would be unsafe and could even lead to further accident damage.

Below we list the types of bumper damage and the techniques used to fix it. So if you’ve got damage to your bumper you will know what to do and who to call.

Bumper Scuff

We can all agree, a scratch or scuff to the car bumper is unsightly. Not only does a bumper scuff affect the appearance of a vehicle, but a scratch or scuff to the paintwork can also decrease the resale value of the car. This is why it is important to have a bumper scuff repaired as soon as possible.

ChipsAway repair bumper scuffs using the SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) technique. For more information on SMART repairs click here.

Bumper Dent

If your car has suffered an unfortunate dent to the bumper. There are two techniques available for repair. The type of dent on the bumper will determine which technique is required. If the bumper dent also has a paintwork scratch or scuff, the dent can usually be repaired using a professional filler and repainted. However, if the bumper dent does not have any paintwork damage. Then Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is an option. What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Cracked Bumper

If the car had suffered minor damage, the bumper may also be cracked. Bumper cracks and splits can be unsightly, ChipsAway repair cracked bumpers so they look as good as new. Saving you the cost of a whole new bumper. In order to repair the bumper, ChipsAway specialists will carefully sand down the damaged area, fill the cracks and then repaint the damaged area.

Bumper Repair Techniques – DIY Bumper Repair

You may be able to repair a very minor bumper scuff or scratch at home. With a specialist DIY repair kit, or by polishing it out if the paintwork hasn’t been scratched too deeply. But if the bumper is cracked, split or has a deeper scratch, the repair process becomes lengthy and technical. A bumper repair that involves sanding, filling and painting are best left to a repair specialist.

Find your local bumper repair expert here who will be happy to advise the best way to repair your bumper damage.


Best Advice – Call a Bumper Repair Specialist

car scratch repair - handshaking customerWhatever the bumper damage to your vehicle, at ChipsAway we can repair it. We can repair plastic bumpers, textured and painted bumpers, depending on the type and extent of the damage. Our highly trained repair specialists are able to completely repair and remove any minor damage to the bumper, including bumper scuffs, cracks, scratches and dents.


To ensure a professional bumper repair, ChipsAway specialists cross-check the painted repair against the manufacturers colour code, to ensure a seamless bumper repair.

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