Car Boot Protectors: Hints and Advice

The boot of any vehicle is typically the most abused part of the car’s interior. Over its lifetime, the car boot is likely to have countless bags of shopping, sports kits, muddy wellies, pets, and furniture thrown at it. But there is a solution to keeping your boot in its original condition, a car boot protector.

Why Do You Need a Boot Protector?

Whether you are a dog owner, use your car as a family taxi, or indulge in a hobby such as cycling or gardening, a boot liner protector is a good investment. A boot protector would typically pay for itself over time. This is because the liner helps to prevent bumper scratches and a damaged interior. If you are thinking of selling the vehicle at a later date, it’s more likely to maintain its resale value if the interior and exterior are in a good condition.

There are many different types of car boot liners, each with different benefits. However, experts recommend buying a boot liner specific to your vehicle model for a good fit. Plus opt for a boot protector that features non-slip and fold-out bumper protection to prevent paintwork damage.

Boot Protector Types

Boot liners are typically made from plastic, rubber, or fabric. Universal protectors that are cut to size are normally made from PVC, which is reasonably waterproof and hard-wearing. Protectors that only fit in the base on the boot and have a pattern are typically made from rubber. Again, rubber liners are hardwearing and mostly waterproof however they do not provide comfort for dogs. So, if you are a dog owner, a dog-friendly or custom-made boot liner would be the best option.

Custom Made Boot Liners

This type of boot protector is designed to fit your car’s boot perfectly. The pros of this type of liner are that it fits your boot perfectly. These liners are made from high-quality materials, they are easy to fit, and stay in place. The only downside is custom-made boot protectors are typically more expensive than the universal alternative.

Liners with Bumper Protection

Some boot liners also come with bumper protection. The additional bumper flap is designed to offer protection to your bumper when loading items such as furniture into your car, or more commonly to stop your dog’s claws from scratching the bumper. The bumper is one of the most common areas to suffer paintwork damage when loading cargo into your boot, but a boot liner can help prevent this.

What are the Benefits of a Boot Protector?

There are many benefits of car boot protectors including preserving the original interior of your car. Boot liners are fairly easy to clean and provide protection against dirt and debris. Boot protectors made with dogs in mind also provide a comfortable place for your pet to travel without the risk of muddy paws ruining your seats. Finally, boot liners with additional bumper protection offer a defense against potential paintwork damage, bumper scratches, and scuffs.

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