Alloy Wheel Straightening: The Solution

Damaged alloy wheels can be disheartening but we have the solution for you, alloy wheel straightening.

How do alloy wheels bend and become damaged?

Damaged and bent alloy wheels are usually caused from some sort of impact to the wheel, this could be a pesky pot pole in the road, a kerb that you didn’t see, speed bumps you forgot to slow down for and any other kind of obstruction. Unfortunately, alloy wheels are less durable than other types of wheels such as steel, resulting in damage occurring much more frequently.

What are the signs of a bent/damaged wheel?

Other than visually obvious damage, it’s not always easy to spot a bent alloy wheel. However, you will most definitely feel it. There are a few signs to look out for that could mean your alloys have been damaged. Vibrating and shaking is usually the first sign you will notice. The damage may cause the tire to make uneven contact with the ground which results in the shaking and vibrating of the car. You may also feel like you are losing control of the car. Whether it be the way the steering feels or the general performance of the car. You know your car better than anyone, any signs of unusual performance are an immediate red flag. Another sign you may notice is that your tyres are deflating quickly and on a more regular basis than usual.

Is it safe to drive with a bent alloy wheel?

The immediate answer is no! As soon as you spot or feel any possible signs of a bent or damaged alloy wheel you should get it repaired straight away. A bent wheel can be extremely dangerous, not only because it may pop the tyre which could result in a complete blow out at high speed, you may also lose control of the car which could put you and others at serious risk.

What shall I do if I have a bent alloy wheel?

If you notice a bent or damaged alloy wheel, you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Replacing alloy wheels can be very expensive and often isn’t necessary. Instead, you can get them straightened! Straightening alloy wheels is an affordable, quick solution to the problem.

What is alloy wheel straightening and where can I have it done?

There are a couple of different processes when it comes to straightening alloy wheels, this includes cold roller technology and hydraulic assistance technology. Buckled alloy wheel repair needs to be performed by a professional specialist. The process usually takes around 35-40 minutes to complete the repair. Search and ask around in your local area to find an alloy wheel specialist near you. Trustpilot is a fantastic site to read through previous customers reviews, helping you to find the best person for the job and gage the quality of their work.

If you discover damage to your alloy wheels or car’s paintwork, ChipsAway specialists can repair the damage in a matter of hours so your car looks as good as new again. To get a free repair estimate, you can give us a call on 0800 145 5118 or compete the online form here.

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