Why Being A Franchisee is One Of The Best Jobs With Flexible Hours

If you’re fed up of working yourself to the bone to line someone else’s pocket, you might be looking for a more flexible way of working which allows you to reap your own rewards. While working flexibly is a rarity in traditional nine to five roles, running a franchise truly embraces the flexible working model. Here, we take a closer look at why being a franchisee is one of the best ways to start a successful, yet flexible business.

Choose Your Working Hours

When you work for someone else, you can’t always choose your hours to suit your needs. This can bring its own set of challenges – missed appointments, a lack of time for self-care, and less time with the family.

When you run your own franchise, you can tailor the hours you want to suit your needs, and scale up the business as you wish. Perhaps you’re looking for a part-time business that you can fit around other commitments, or a full-time self-employed role where you can pick the hours you work. The truth is, there are very few options out there that will offer you as much flexibility as running a franchise does.

The ability to work to your own schedule is an attractive option for many of our franchisees at ChipsAway – and they are responsible for booking their repair appointments, controlling their diary and deciding when to work and when to take a break.

Richard Dexter Chipsaway franchisee standing in car care centre

“ChipsAway has given me all the things I was looking for and has made my life so much better. Rather than being stuck in front of a computer, I can be my own boss and continue to do something creative. I love seeing the smile on my customers’ faces when I’ve completed a repair, it gives me great job satisfaction.

“Watching my children grow up was more important to me than my career.”Richard Dexter, Franchisee since 2011. 


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 You Dictate Your Lifestyle

 Whether it’s the school run or your Friday afternoon game of golf, running your own franchise means you can have commitments outside your working life and not have the same constraints as when you work for someone else.

Many entrepreneurs now realise that you don’t have to work all day and all night to make a business a success – you need to work intelligently, in a way that works for your commitments and lifestyle. Running a franchise enables you to dictate your own pace, your own profits and most importantly, the type of lifestyle you desire.

Hit the Ground Running and Save Time

Starting a brand or business from scratch takes months of hard work and research. You’ve not only got to pick your niche, but you’ve also got to consider things like a brand name, brand colours, your business model and more. When you invist in a franchise business, you operate under the blueprint of an already established brand, which saves you time and gives you the flexibility and time to focus on your core business.

Franchises are the Perfect Way to Change Careers

If you’re already in employment, you might be looking to start a side hustle with a view to growing it into a full-time operation. Running a franchise offers a supported way to change your career, and can fit flexibly around other commitments.

This kind of flexible working arrangement means your new business can be shaped to best suit your lifestyle, and can, if your employment contract allows, be started while you are already in employment.

Embrace a Real Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the holy grail of self-employment. And while being self-employed takes dedication and hard work, a franchise model can allow you to factor in time for yourself and family too.

That’s not to say that there won’t be nights where you’re up late working out accounts, or have days that are harder than others – but you have the power to take time out when you need to, which undoubtedly makes for more effective working.

Overall, running a franchise truly is one of the best jobs with flexible working hours, and it can be tailored to suit your lifestyle, needs and ambitions. When you work with a trusted and well-known brand, the sky really is the limit.

For more information on why running a franchise comes up trumps, read more here and here. And for a little inspiration, why not check out our success stories?

Who Are We?

ChipsAway an established international brand and the UK’s leading mobile vehicle paintwork specialists that has been established for over 20 years. We offer a convenient, high-quality and cost-effective alternative to car body shops and use our renowned Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) to fix minor scratches, scuffs and dents to vehicles and alloys. As a franchisee, you’ll initially be a single-van set up and then depending on your ambitions, will have the opportunity to expand into multi-van, or workshop model.

Whether you’re a car connoisseur or have little to no automotive knowledge, we’ll equip you with all the tools you need to run a successful operation. From an extensive IMI-accredited technical training program, to launch assistance, and an expert sales and marketing strategy, we’ll be with you every step of the way. What’s more, because we’re part of the Franchise Brands plc Group, you’ll have access to a support team with a wealth of experience in franchising, who currently look after over 450 franchisees in 12 countries. We are also a full BFA member with IMI, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

We Put You Firmly in The Driving Seat

With 25 years’ experience, a proven business model and a low initial investment[1], it’s easy to see why over 200 UK franchisees have joined us. So, what are you waiting for? Start building a better future today – check whether your area is available and download our free information pack today.

[1] The franchise is £29,995+VAT, but with the various pricing options that we offer, you only need £15,000 + VAT of your own funds to start your business.

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