Buff On Car Wax or Car Wax Spray?

To get your car paintwork sparkling, you may want to use a car wax to get a professional finish. However, there are different types of car wax, including buff on car wax and spray car wax. So we have put together this helpful guide to explain the benefits of both buff on and spray on car wax.

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What is Buff On Car Wax?

A buff on car wax which is applied by hand is a fantastic way to protect your car for long periods of time. However, due to the application process, it can take a fair amount of time and will require some patience. Generally speaking, you should only use a small amount of product as car waxes can be difficult to work with as it’s hard to spread the wax evenly over the car surface.

Buff wax can sometimes need a longer time to cure fully. This would mean you are unable to use your car immediately after applying the buff wax. The time for curing can even take up to 24 hours. However, there are many advantages to buff on wax. Treating your car regularly with this kind of wax will help preserve the value of your car. It could also save you a lot of money by reducing the likelihood of your car needing a more serious paintwork maintenance in the future.

Car Wax Spray

If you have limited time, then a car spray wax could be the perfect option for you. This option is quick and easy to apply and will give your car a lovely shine within minutes.

Car wax spray is safe to use on every aspect of your car’s exterior. Using car wax spray can create a more even look as you are in control of how much wax is sprayed, it also leaves behind no residue or mess. The only downfall with using a spray is that it doesn’t last as long as a more traditional wax, which means you will have to apply the spray wax a lot more regularly.

Buff on Wax or Spray Wax?

Both buff on wax and spray wax work effectively to give your car a professional shiny finish. If you are someone who has always used a buff on paste, you may wish to consider switching and trying out a different methods. With a buff on wax, sometimes it can be tricky to apply the exact same amount of product on to the entire car surface. This can result in an uneven look if not spread out correctly over the car.

For a more time-efficient routine, opting for wax spray may be a better option for you. Unlike the buff on wax, the spray will spread evenly over your cars surface. With just a click of the spray button leaving you in complete control. Although buff on wax has always been a very popular product, spray wax has recently taken over due to its ease of application. Spraying the wax instead of buffing is easy to use. It doesn’t create any mess or fuss and still leaves your car shining like new.

We would recommend trying and testing out both of the car waxes to see which one you prefer and which one works best for you. You can relax knowing that whichever wax you choose, your car will look spotless and shiny if applied correctly.

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