What are the Best Methods of Car Rust Repair?

What is car rust?

Rust is a term used to describe the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based materials through oxidation. In the process, surface molecules react with oxygen in the air and produce iron oxide. The biggest cause of car rust is the weather. Generally, cars exposed to rain, sun or extreme temperatures are at high risk or developing rust. 

However, cars with stone chips, scuffs or scratches are the most vulnerable to rust. So, it is important to have any minor damage repaired as soon as possible to avoid rust developing. 

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The final cause of rust is one that can be avoided – keeping the car clean. Regularly cleaning the car, storing it inside and applying wax can all help reduce the risk of rust. 

Why does car rust need to be repaired?

Rust patches on your vehicle will affect the overall appearance and drive down the resale value of the car. But, if you deal with car rust early, you can stop it from spreading. If you notice rust spots on your car, it’s best to get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid further complications and costs. 

There are different types of car rust and understanding them will help with the repair process. 

Surface Rust & Rust Treatment

If you notice small spots of red rust surrounding a minor scratch, before the paint has bubbled. The repair is fairly simple. This is because surface rust only affects the top layer of your vehicle’s body panel. To avoid the rust getting any worse, it’s best to get this repaired as soon as possible. This can be done at your local car garage and asking for Rust Treatment. 

Scale Rust

Scale rust occurs when surface rust is left untreated. This is when the metal panel itself begins to corrode. If scale rust is not treated and repaired, it will begin to affect the metal itself, leading to penetrating rust. It is important to get scale rust repaired or stopped before it effects the internal metal of your car, which can lead to expensive body repairs. 

Penetrating Rust

Penetrating rust is the worst form of rust, meaning repairs become more complicated. This penetrating rust causes the metal to rust all the way through, leading to holes. This type of rust may result in the need for a new panel depending on the extent, so it’s best to have the repair carried out by a professional. 

DIY Car Rust Remover

If you are looking to keep costs down, you could consider repairing the vehicle yourself, but there is always a risk of the rust returning, depending on the technique chosen. There are many DIY products on the market, sold by the likes of Halfords. When using a DIY rust remover, it is recommended that you follow the detailed product instructions. Specifically, when repairing rust damage, it is recommended you take the vehicle inside a garage. 

ChipsAway SMART Repairs

Unfortunately, ChipsAway specialists do not complete rust repairs because it is not possible to guarantee against the rust returning. If you need a rust repair on your vehicle then we recommend finding a reputable rust repair specialist in your area. 

However, if you need a car body repair on your vehicle, such as a paintwork scratch, minor dent, bumper scuff or alloy wheel repair, it is best to get it done before any rust starts to appear. And this is where ChipsAway can help. ChipsAway offer a free, no-obligation estimate. Click below to complete our online form, for your free estimate.

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