How much is a car service?

Understanding when you need to book your car service, or knowing what a car service includes and how much it will cost, are all reasonable questions for a car owner to have. So let’s discuss all things car servicing, from what to expect from a car service, to how much is a car service.

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Getting your car serviced

A new car is one of life’s great pleasures, complete with that new car smell and a shiny clean interior. It should be free of technical glitches or wear and tear, so there should not be an immediate need to get your car checked or cared for just yet.

However, to keep it running at its best, performing and looking great, a regular car service plan will cover any small issues before they escalate into areas of concern. The first service will generally take place after 12 months (or within a set mileage according to your manufacturer’s guidelines) as this is the ideal time to check over the car and is often necessary to validate your car warranty. Arranging a car service is straightforward enough, as you can either book it directly with the manufacturer or retailer you bought it from, or a local garage to suit you.

Why service your vehicle

You might be putting off booking your car service due to lack of time, or worries about how much a car service will cost – but this could cost you more in the future as well as risk your safety on the road.

These are common signs you need a car service:

1. Your car service is due

You are best to stick to the timeframe that your car manufacturer’s manual specifies. For newer cars, a service should help retain its value as well as performance. You may also risk voiding your car’s warranty if you do not comply with a regular car servicing agreement.

2. Dashboard warning lights

You might notice warnings lights flashing on your dashboard, indicating that a service is due based on the date or car mileage. More worryingly, you may see warning lights because there is a problem with your car, such as the engine, tyres, or oil. Do not ignore these – get that car service booked urgently or it may cost you more in the long run, should these problems escalate.

3. Braking performance

Break performance is extremely important and there is no room for error caused by worn brake pads or low brake fluid. Noises, vibrations, or oversensitive brakes are all signs your car needs a service, as your tyres may be unbalanced or have a loose bearing.

4. Engine performance

It might not be visible to the untrained eye, but looking after your engine by a professional mechanic is crucial to understand your car’s manufacturing specifications and needs. If you are experiencing engine failure, it often indicates that you have engine problems relating to your filters, spark plugs, battery, or starter motor and that a car service is needed.

5. It’s costing more in the long run…

If you notice that your car is doing significantly fewer miles per gallon than it used to (aside from the rise in fuel costs!) get your car serviced regularly to maintain your engine and tyre performance, or it may cost you more in the long run.

What does a car service include?

What is included in a car service will depend on which type of car service you pick, as there are various levels of car servicing, depending on your car’s needs and how much you want to pay.
The first service is straightforward, due to the low age and mileage of the car, you will likely need to stick to your car’s service warranty requirements and receive a stamp of certification in your log book. Thereafter, a car service can occur every 6 months (interim service) or 12 months and will include:

  • Tyre tread, wheel alignment and suspension
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Break and fluid check
  • Multiple safety-related feature checks

How much is a car service?

Working out exactly how much a car service is going to cost you, will depend on the level of detail the manufacturer or mechanic offers in its car inspection, so be sure to check. On average, you can expect to pay around £170 for a full service, while interim and shorter services will cost around £100.

Care service and MOT

An MOT and car service are not the same, and passing an MOT does not remove the need for a regular car service. While an MOT checks that your car is roadworthy, a car service will be looking to see that all efficiency and safety features are in working order. Both can be purchased together, which may reduce the cost of the service.

Book your car body repair

Your car service inspection may have made you aware of some damage to your car, which will need attention and suitable body repair services before the problem escalates.

Minor car body repairs are convenient and cost-effective with ChipsAway. ChipsAway’s paint repair system can complete all minor car body repairs such as bumper scuffs, paintwork scratches, minor dents and kerbed alloy wheels. With the largest network of repair specialists in the UK, our customers benefit from a fantastic local service, which we are thrilled to have earned us a 5* rating on Trustpilot. 

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