What is Supagard?

When you purchase a new car, you want to keep it in pristine condition. The best way to do this is to use paintwork protection product to make the surfaces more durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

The car dealership you bought your car from may have mentioned the add-on ‘Supagard protection’, but you may be wondering; “What is a Supagard treatment?”, “Is it worth the money?” or “Will it benefit my new car?”

Below we explain what Supagard is, how Supagard works to protect your car’s paintwork and the benefits of having a Supagard treatment applied to your vehicle.

What is Supagard?

Supagard is the UK’s market leading car paint protection company, established for over 25 years and approved by most leading car manufacturers.

Environment pollutants can damage the gleam of your car’s paintwork. To maintain the shine of a new car, your car needs to be protected – this is where Supagard comes in.

Once a Supagard treatment has been applied by a trained professional, it will defend your car’s paintwork against whatever the environment throws at it. Less hard work required on your part too, just a quick wash and your car is looking as good as the day it left the showroom!

What does Supagard protect paintwork against?

Supagard will protect your vehicle’s paintwork from UV Rays, Acid/Alkaline Rain, Road Salt, Bird Droppings, Mud and Dirt, but to achieve the fantastic results it’s supposed to, it must be applied by a fully trained specialist

How does Supagard work?

The unique Supagard formula creates a strong polymer barrier bound to the car’s paintwork, meaning UV rays cannot penetrate the sealant barrier of Supagard and lighten the colour of the vehicle. The paint sealant found in Supagard prevents acid rain and pollution from touching the paint’s surface, so there is no risk of the paintwork oxidising or fading. Supagard also stops road salt and dirt clinging to the smooth surface, so the paintwork remains protected.

You can then simply wash away the dirt and mud without harmingthe paintwork.

To find out how the Supagard formula is applied to your car and to see if car paint protection could be beneficial to you, take a look at our blog – Using Supagard Paint Sealant to Keep Paintwork Looking New.

What is the alternative to Supagard protection?

The main alternative to Supagard is the AutoGlym LifeShine, which protects the vehicle’s paintwork against harsh containments with ‘Carbon Shield Technology’.

AutoGlym works in the same way as Supagard, by fusing a protective barrier to the car’s paintwork, so it stays shinier for longer.

Benefits of Supagard

  • The unique Supagard formula consists of a one-off application that does not require top-ups or monthly conservers. Once applied, it’s there to stay for at least 3 years.
  • You can be sure that Supagard will preserve the optimum appearance of your car’s paintwork, maintaining its value, should you choose to sell it.
  • Supagard reduces the need for waxing and polishing your car, saving money and time.
  • Supagard works with many leading car brands, such as Mercedes, Lexus and Ford.

 Supagard InteriorGard

In addition to the Supagard professional exterior protection, Supagard offer a professional internal protector, which protects the interior of your car from spills, mud, dirt and mucky pets!

When professionally applied by a technician, each fibre of the seats and carpets are coated with a resin-based formula, which eases the removal of interior dirt and spillages. The Supagard protection prevents staining on the interior of your car, whilst also preserving the texture and appearance of the material.

If the interior of your car has already fallen victim to coffee spills and mucky paws, have a read of our blog reviewing the Best Car Upholstery Cleaners for Car Seats and Carpets.

Where can you buy Supagard protection?

The good news is, some ChipsAway specialists have completed a comprehensive training course in applying Supagard paint protection products so that we are able to make your vehicle spotlessly protected.

We recommend having your car Supagard protected from new, or within the first year of purchase, to ensure your car’s colour is protected against UV damage.

If your car is in need of any repairs, why not call your local specialist today, and also enquire about getting your car paintwork protected at the same time!

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