The Best Car Accessories 2019

Whether you’re a creature of comfort, or constantly losing your keys, the latest auto gadgets and accessories for 2019 are sure to satisfy a craving for something new, something unique, turning hours spent in your vehicle (or looking for it) into something far more useful, and, quite often, enjoyable.

We’ve selected 5 of our favourite Car Accessories for 2019:

1. Tile Mate: The perfect key finder

If you have a habit of constantly losing your keys, then the Tile Mate may just be your answer. No bigger than a standard-sized key fob, the Tile Mate has been developed to give you access, through an app that you install on your mobile phone, to find the location of the Tile Mate – whether it’s connected to your keys, or anything else you tend to keep losing! The Bluetooth-enabled Tile Mate easily slips onto a keychain. Although being met with mixed reviews, including a battery that requires replacing after a year, the Tile Mate has been heralded as the leader in it’s field. Using a proximity enabler on the app on your phone, you’ll be notified when you’re close to your keys, (or specifically, the Tile Mate attached to your keys), and once you’re in a certain range, the Tile can play a little tune that helps to guide you to its exact location. For more information about Tile Mate, click here.

2. Nonda Zus is in town – and it’s helping you find the car

While we’re on the subject of losing things, the Nonda Zus is a great little gadget that can help you find your car! On first glance, it looks just like a regular USB car charger that plugs into your 12v cigarette lighter. It can charge your phone (or a second one at the same time thanks to the second port) but there’s an entirely different feature which makes this gadget a real treat. Using it together with the app that accompanies the device, and installed on your smartphone, the Nonda Zus acts as a beacon that omits GPS data giving via the app on your phone helping you locate your parked car, easily. And if you’ve got a time limit on your parking, well Nonda Zus can also send you parking meter alerts reminding you of the time remaining on the meter. Find out more about this gadget here, and the entire range of products they produce.

3. Coffee on call: Espresso match point

Let’s face it – there’s a whole bunch of us who simply cannot function unless we’ve had our morning cup of coffee. And for those who spend a considerable amount of time in their vehicles daily, many don’t have the luxury of popping into a local service station or shop for their latest brew.  Cue the Handpresso.

Admittedly a bit of excessive luxury, the Handpresso has been developed to bring your favourite barista into the comfort of your own vehicle. Designed for those who enjoy high-end gadgets, the Handpresso is a coffeemaker designed to plug directly into the cigarette lighter or 12-volt port in your vehicle. Using your preferred ground beans or ESE espresso pods, you can now enjoy your own Espresso, whenever you need it.  For more information about the Handpresso, click here.

4. Meet Chris: Your in-car digital assistant

In the age of Alexa and Siri, there’s a new digital driving assistant in town, and it’s name is Chris. Simply connect your smartphone to the device and safely operate your apps by voice and gesture; including WhatsApp, navigation, hands-free calls and music. The device has been created to help keep you focussed on the road and can integrate with your car via the Chris FM transmitter. The beauty of it all is that Chris’ speech recognition works without a data connection in most cases, meaning that no smartphone data usage occurs. When Chris does need a data connection for speech recognition or apps and other features, Chris uses your existing smartphone plan where necessary.  Find out more about Chris here.

5. Forget the firestarter: here’s the iClever jump starter

Traditionally, when you haven’t been near to someone else that can act as a power source for you to jump-start your car, self car jump-starters have always been massive batteries that you never really carry around with you.  But with the invention of modern lithium-ion batteries, we now have the power to keep a power source with us – wherever we drive.

The iClever Jump Starter is a great tool that can sit in the glovebox of your vehicle for those emergencies when your car battery has drained too much to start the car engine. But it’s not just a tool to keep your car battery charged, it’s a great tool for people who travel often and find themselves stuck without power in their laptop battery or phone.  And when it itself needs to be re-charged, the same port is used for charging the jump starter, which takes approximately just over 2 hours from empty to full, using the included USB-C charger, which you can use for your phone, tablet and laptop.

And as with all jump-starting, make sure that your vehicle is fully compatible with jump-starting before attempting to use any device.

If all these accessories have you wanting to get your car in tip-top shape, then make sure you get any scratches and scuffs repaired ASAP so they don’t turn into more extensive, and therefore more expensive, damage! Get your FREE, no obligation estimate today.

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