8 Essential Summer Driving Safety Tips

Driving in the summer rays can be fantastic – from going out for a spin in the sun, to travelling to well-loved beauty spots, it offers the perfect time for adventures. But summer is also a time of year when we need to be aware of extra driving safety tips to keep passengers and our cars safe from harm and damage.

Here, the team at ChipsAway has put together 8 top essential summer driving safety tips, to keep you, your family and your car safe.

Top up your car fluids

Delving under the car bonnet is not something we all make a habit of, but checking your car’s fluid levels is an essential part of car maintenance and summer driving safety. During the summer months when temperatures are hotter, keeping an eye on what lies beneath becomes especially important. For example, if your engine coolant drops below the minimum mark, it could lead to your car overheating and a costly breakdown. And nobody wants to spend a hot summer’s day sat at the side of a dual carriage way!

Check your air conditioning is working

There’s nothing worse than travelling in a hot car with no air conditioning. Every year, all kinds of dust, dirt and pollen enter your car’s air conditioning system and can prevent it from working properly. Getting a vehicle health check can identify any problems with your car’s air conditioning system so that you can get them sorted before summer is in full swing.

Check your tyres are both legal and safe

One of the most important parts of summer driving safety is checking the health of your tyres. High temperatures can alter tyre pressure, expand the air and make them more susceptible to damage and dangerous tyre blow outs. We always recommend following the tyre pressure guidelines in your car’s manual and inspecting the tyres fully for cracks and blemishes before every journey.

Get your sunnies out!

Glare from the sun is a potential hazard to summer car safety and is responsible for a high number of accidents during the season. Use the summer to treat yourself to a new pair of anti-glare sunglasses, and make sure your windscreen is clean and free from debris too.

Give hay fever the heave-ho

Hayfever is an unforeseen byproduct of the spring and summer months, and can impact on your ability to drive safely. What’s more, many antihistamines can make you drowsy, decreasing response time. If your hayfever is particularly bad, it’s probably safest to let someone else drive. But if you can take non-drowsy antihistamines and are able to drive, close air vents and windows to stop pollen from flooding your car. Finally, keep tissues to hand and keep your sunglasses as an extra barrier.

Don’t drive when you’re tired

Summer is the perfect time for social occasions, and a time when many of us stay up later and go out more often. But this can also make us more tired which in itself is a hazard. Make sure you’re well rested before you travel, keep hydrated and ensure you have drinks and food in the car to keep you sustained. If you feel tired when you’re driving, stop at the nearest safe place and have a rest.

Be aware of tractors

Summer doesn’t just bring about beautiful flowers, lovely weather and trips to the seaside. It’s also a time when tractors are out in full force. It’s important to keep in mind that because of the ear defenders some drivers wear, they might not hear you approaching. For driving safety, try and keep a safe distance behind tractors, and be prepared for the fact that they might not be able to see you .

Keep an eye on your car’s paintwork

When cars are left in the heat, their paint can chip and crack. And if you park in the shade, it’s quite likely that you’ll return to your car to find it covered in bird droppings. Bird droppings are actually corrosive to your car’s paintwork, so be careful to remove it promptly to avoid any damage.


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