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ChipsAway has been established for over 30 years. In that time, we have built a fantastic reputation for providing high quality SMART car body work repairs such as: minor paintwork scratchesbumper scuffsdents, and alloy wheel repairs . Customers love us, and have given us a coveted 5* Trustpilot rating!

Discover how your local specialist can help you get your car back to pristine condition today. ChipsAway specialists offer repairs in:

LS1 1,LS1 2,LS1 3,LS1 4,LS1 5,LS1 6,LS1 7,LS1 8,LS10 1,LS10 2,LS10 3,LS10 4,LS11 0,LS11 5,LS11 6,LS11 7,LS11 8,LS11 9,LS12 1,LS12 3,LS12 4,LS12 6,LS14 1,LS14 2,LS14 5,LS14 6,LS15 0,LS2 3,LS2 7,LS2 8,LS2 9,LS26 0,LS27 0,LS27 7,LS27 8,LS27 9,LS3 1,LS4 2,LS6 1,LS6 2,LS6 3,LS6 4,LS7 1,LS7 2,LS7 3,LS7 4,LS8 1,LS8 2,LS8 3,LS8 4,LS8 5,LS9 0,LS9 6,LS9 7,LS9 8,LS9 9,WF3 1.

If you’re looking for a professional Leeds based car body repair that won’t break the bank, ChipsAway Leeds is highly recommended within the industry. We have built a great reputation for providing high-quality car body repairs, and we take pride in getting your car back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. From minor paintwork scratches and bumper scuffs to dents and alloy wheel repairs, our SMART car body work and paint repair means cosmetics for your vehicle will be restored to looking factory new.  

No matter what has happened to your car, ChipsAway Leeds offers comprehensive service with a wide service area. We provide SMART repairs in Leeds and the surrounding area, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help if your car needs some TLC.

Car bodywork repair in Leeds

With a mobile car body repair service ChipsAway Leeds are dedicated to giving you the best possible repair as economically as possible. Our service has been designed to be as convenient, efficient, economical, and easy to organise as possible.

As well as repair services, we also provide a range of car protection services. This includes Supagard, a paintwork protection solution for your car. Find out how we can help repair your car, and bring it back to pristine condition, today.

Mobile dent repair near Leeds

If your car has suffered a paintwork scratch, bumper scuff or minor dent, here at ChipsAway, we are able to offer help, advice and professional quality repairs. Our job is to get your car back to a ‘like new’ condition as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our highly trained specialists know the best techniques for repairing paintwork or removing dents from cars. Our experts are fully mobile and offer a service that often comes in cheaper and quicker than most body shops – so before you search for “car body shop leeds”, why not contact our engineers and see how we can help you today.

Find out how ChipsAway Leeds can help you today by requesting a free, no obligation estimate. Find out more here.

Read the testimonials of customers from ChipsAway Leeds below.

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  • My car was bumped last Tuesday and I called ChipsAway to come and have a look at the damage – within two hours my local specialist had come out and given me an estimate and I booked the work in for Friday. A young man arrived on time, was pleasant and polite and did a fantastic job on my car. I was very impressed. I will definitely recommend ChipsAway to friends and family and would use again if needed. Thanks again to the young man who did the repair.

  • Can I just say how impressed I am with your service. Within minutes of emailing my enquiry I had a phone call from my local ChipsAway specialist. He has already called round to give me an estimate, and will carry out the repair within the next few days. Brilliant – and thank you!

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