The Best Car Body Fillers

Let’s face it, we can all have accidents with our cars, resulting in a ding or dent. These can damage the look and resale value of your vehicle, and sometimes a repair is all you need. But, if you would prefer to try at home, rather than have a professional repair, where do you begin? Car body fillers can help to reshape your car, to regain the appearance of your vehicle. The products even out dings and dents in the car’s bodywork. We have listed the top three rated car body fillers below;

3M Bondo 261 Lightweight Car Body Filler

This lightweight product is a two-part body filler. The pack comprises of a filler and a hardener, which need to be mixed together. The soft pink colour of the product makes it easy to see when applying to your car, for easier use. But, the hardener works very quickly with this filler, meaning you have less time to work it. 

Permatex 25909 Liquid Metal Filler

Unlike the Bondo filler, the Permatex product is ready to use, it does not need any mixing. This filler is compatible for many materials, but only comes in a small tube. Due to this, it is designed for small areas of damage to be repaired (such as cracks and holes). The extra benefit Permatex gives is the high resistance of the product. The 25909 Liquid Metal Filler is resistant to water, oil and petrol, once hardened.

Evercoat 156 Lightweight Car Body Filler

This product is more expensive than the others on our list, but does come with great features. The creamy texture of the product makes it easy to spread and work over the car. With the added benefit of the product not hardening during application, the Evercoat product can be easy to use. It can also repair larger areas of damage, up to ½ an inch in depth.

While all these products are great at home car body fillers, it is unlikely that a homemade repair will give the same finish as a professional repair. Once filled, the repaired area will need to be painted and blended with the rest of the car.

If you would prefer to leave it to the specialists, and avoid making the damage worse, complete our online form for your free estimate, or call us on 0800 145 5118.

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