ChipsAway Best Car Wax Review

Waxing your car not only gives it a shiny finish, it is also a great way to add an extra protective coat to the paintwork. There are a huge range of products to choose from to keep your car looking its best .

How often should I wax my car?

Waxing your car at least four times a year is around the perfect amount keep your car protected. If your car is left for a long time without waxing, it may be at a higher risk of cosmetic damage and fading, which could lead to a decline in your car’s value.

What is the difference between car wax and car polish?

Car wax builds a barrier between the paint surface and outside factors, which could cause deterioration. A good wax will protect against heat, water and UV rays, without wearing or washing off quickly, keeping the car looking good for longer. There are countless wax products available on the market, so we’ve put together some of the best picks.

Car polish is a light abrasive, which will remove a tiny layer of the paint topcoat or previously applied wax. This process uncovers a fresh layer of paint, removing dirt and small scratches. Ideally, the car should be washed, to decide whether polish is needed, then wax should be applied to protect the paintwork.

Which car wax should I use?

There are hundreds of car waxes on the market, varying in cost, ease of use and type, such as, liquid, paste, and spray.

Liquid Car Waxes

Liquid waxes are durable and great for cleaning, with a gloss finish. However, they can be difficult for a beginner to apply evenly. They can be quick drying, but this varies with wind, temperature and how thick the wax is applied. We’ve chosen a well-respected brand, Turtle Wax Carnauba Liquid Wax, which is an easy to apply, affordable option for durable protection.

Paste Waxes

These waxes are easy to apply and usually dry very quickly. They general don’t perform as well as a liquid wax and can be difficult to remove from the container. Meguiar’s Premium Car Wax Paste is an established brand and safe to use on any type of paint.

Spray Waxes

Good for new cars with excellent finishes. Spray waxes are the most convenient and work well on new cars with an excellent finish. Application is very quick and they can be wiped off without drying, although, they are not good for cleaning and don’t have good durability. We’ve selected the Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax spray, as it is a popular brand, it is durable and easy to apply.

Although waxing your car can be time-consuming, it is worth it to keep your car looking brand new. If you want to keep your car’s paintwork looking as good as new for longer, we also suggest having any minor damage repaired by a professional as soon as possible. So, if you have a minor dent, paintwork scratch or bumper scuff, get in touch with your local ChipsAway specialist today for a free estimate.

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