Best Car Covers for All Seasons

Car covers are an easy and affordable way to keep your car in good condition and maintain its resale value. They protect your car from weather extremes, such as UV rays which can fade paintwork and deteriorate vinyl and rubber parts. They can also protect the car from heavy rain or snow which can corrode areas over time. A car cover for all seasons offers an alternative to storing the car in a garage.

What is a car cover?

A car cover is a large sheet of fabric, loosely shaped like a car. There are tailor-made cover options for a better fit at an extra cost. Covers are often used on vehicles that will not be used for long periods of time or to protect classic and luxury cars with delicate paintwork. Car covers are also a great way to avoid de-icing your car in winter.

External vs Internal Covers

While car covers for external use are often waterproof to protect against the elements. Internal covers are lightweight and made with a woven fabric in order to be breathable.

Unlike external covers, internal car covers aren’t usually waterproof and cannot protect the vehicle from liquids or other wetter weather conditions. As a result of this, these covers are recommended for indoor use in spaces like garages that are sheltered from the elements while still protecting the vehicle from dust and dirt. An outdoor cover can protect car from a range of weather conditions. For example:

  • Sun – UV rays and heat can deteriorate parts and fade paintwork over time.
  • Rain – water can corrode paintwork and cause rust in some areas.
  • Snow, ice and hail – cold temperatures can also damage paintwork and heavy hail can cause chips. A cover will also mean de-icing in winter can be avoided.
  • Dirt and dust – dust and dirt can often settle on the paintwork in windy areas.

What are the outdoor options?

The outdoor option is a large sheet of a specific fabric loosely shaped like a car. For a better fit, you can purchase tailor-made covers purpose-built to fit your vehicle properly at a greater cost.

Often covers are used while storing dormant vehicles not planning to be used for a period of time. Or classic/luxury vehicles with delicate paintwork. They are also built to protect against external factors like tree sap, snow, dirt etc. Using a car cover can even help you avoid having to de-ice your car in the winter months. In some instances, some manufacturers also include extra-thick pads in particular areas to help avert damage such as dents.

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Car Cover

If you want to safeguard your vehicle and maintain its original condition. A car cover would be an efficient purchase. Along with protecting your car against external elements, car covers can also act as a great security measure, when used as a theft and vandal deterrent. Having to remove the cover increases the risk of the perpetrator being caught due to the additional time needed to access the vehicle.

Please note, this hasn’t been endorsed by authorities or insurance companies as a theft deterrent. So additional precautions should be taken to effectively protect your vehicle.

Other benefits include helping to prevent car body damage, such as paintwork scratches, scuffs and dents. An outdoor car cover adds an extra layer of protection and padding from runaway shopping trolleys or out of control car doors.

How to use an Outdoor Cover

Most are very easy to apply and remove on your own in a matter of minutes. These simple steps can help streamline the application process:

  1. Before attempting to use the cover ensure your vehicle is clean and free from dirt and debris.
  2. Place the cover on the roof and roll down the bonnet, then roll down to the boot.
  3. Next, roll the cover down each side, one at a time, slotting the wing mirrors into pockets if the cover includes them.
  4. Now, move onto the front and rear bumpers, taking time to roll the cover over these sections, before checking the rest of the vehicle.
  5. After the cover is secured over the whole car, use the body straps to attach the cover underneath the car – not too tight.

Throughout the process be careful not to drop the cover on the ground. This could trap dirt in the folds and potentially transfer onto the vehicle and risk scratching the paint. To remove the cover, use the above method in reverse to retain the shape of the cover. Increasing the ease of application when you use the cover again.

What are the best car covers?

Car covers are a good investment and can keep your car looking its best for longer. There are a range of different covers to suit all kinds of vehicles, uses and budgets. Here are a few of the best car covers we have seen on the market this year.

  1. Halford All Season Car Cover £53.99 – £66.99 – The Halfords All Season Car Cover is a fantastic budget option and costs considerably less than its competitors. The silver cover is available in a range of sizes, to suit most cars on the market. The weatherproof material is very durable, with a soft lining, elasticated edges and built in straps to secure it to the car. Fitting the car cover is a little tricky, due to it being quite heavy, which also makes it quite difficult to get back into its original bag once opened. However overall, the cover is a great option for protecting your car from sun exposure, dust and wet weather conditions, plus, it has a two year warranty.
  2. Concours Eclipse Outdoor Car CoverFrom £150, price varies depending on model. The Concours Eclipse Outdoor Car Cover is one of the cheaper products in their premium car cover range. The breathable cover is made up of four layers of robust polypropylene, for UV protection, waterproofing and a soft inner lining to avoid scratches. The cover can be secured using underbody straps and heavy-duty eyelets. The size options are listed on the website , so you will be provided with the most suitable size to cover your vehicle, depending on the make and model. This cover may not have as good a fit compared to their more high-end products, such as their Galatic cover, but still does a great job of protecting against the elements.
  3. Moltex All Weather Outdoor Car Cover From £185, price varies depending on size. The Moltex All Weather Outdoor Car Cover is the most expensive option we looked at, with prices varying according to the required size. This cover has five layers, with a soft lining for extra protection. The breathable cover protects from sun exposure and is waterproof, with elasticated ends and heavy-duty straps for securing to your vehicle. The car cover has a semi-tailored fit, so is available in over 30 different sizes according to the model of your vehicle. Overall, the Moltex cover is a great protective option, but is a little pricey.

Investing in a car cover to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and keep it from getting damaged is a great idea. However, when accidents do happen, we can help repair your car body paintwork scuffs and scratches. Request your free estimate at


Though there are many benefits to using a car cover, there are a few factors to consider prior to purchasing, such as:

  • The cheaper options are often unlined. Increasing the risk of surface imperfections after applying or when removing the cover.
  • Moisture can get trapped under the cover, leaving the surface wetter for longer than being left exposed.
  • If the cover isn’t properly secured it is possible for the edging to rub against the paint and damage it.

In today’s market, many car covers are manufactured using paintwork friendly, high tech, durable materials that are an overall better fit. While some covers come with a higher premium you really do pay for quality. They are a long-term investment designed to increase the longevity of the car itself, so high-quality covers reduce the need for repeat purchases.

If you discover damage to your vehicle such as a paintwork scratch, bumper scuff, minor dent or alloy wheel damage, we can repair it. You can get a free repair estimate and contact your local specialist using our online form here or give us a call on 0800 145 5118.

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