Show your car some love this Valentine's Day!

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Show your car some love this Valentine's Day!

With February 14th just around the corner, why not book a date whilst it’s on your mind? Yes - it’s time to make a call to your local ChipsAway franchisee this Valentine's Day!

These guys tend to be hugely popular – and not just in February. That’s because they’re experts when it comes to taking care of the car you love. Whether it’s a brand-new model with a bit of a ding, a bumper scuff, or scratched alloy on a beloved classic that you’re preserving for the next generation, surely it deserves a bit of TLC?

There’s nothing worse than passing your car on the drive every day, disliking how it looks. Or going to bed at night with the nagging feeling you need to do something, but don’t know what. We all know that it’s the small things that make a car look great - so just imagine how much smarter your vehicle could look, in a short space of time. No more bumper scuffs, scratched paintwork or dented alloys. In a matter of hours, your car could be transformed, taking a huge weight off your mind.

There’s also a financial incentive too – by using ChipsAway, you save considerably on the price of traditional bodyshop methods. Plus – by keeping on top of the issues when they start, you maintain or add to the value of your vehicle when it comes to selling it. Win-Win!

All our ChipsAway specialists are highly-skilled and friendly individuals, who will come to your home to perform the repairs, so there’s no inconvenience to you. They’ll be working to a pre-agreed estimate and at the end of their unique 15-step process, all their work is fully-guaranteed.

So what’s holding you back? Unlike fixing a real date with a stranger, it’s not at all nerve-wracking. Simply check online to find your nearest franchisee, who we can guarantee will be delighted to hear from you. Go on – give them a call. This could be the beginning of something really beautiful!

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