Half Term Gadgets to Keep the Kids Entertained

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Half Term Gadgets to Keep the Kids Entertained

It’s that time of year again where you’ll likely be driving here, there and everywhere trying to keep the kids quiet during the half term break. It’s often a daunting task and you may well have memories of visiting distant relatives at Christmas still etched in your brain, but what if there was a way of keeping the kids entertained throughout the journey with minimal effort from you? We thought that would intrigue you - read on to see the latest gadgets to keep the kids entertained…

Back Seat Organiser

CA Seat Back Organiser

If you’re going on a particularly long journey, chances are your children are going to need an assortment of things to keep them entertained. We think these back seat organisers are a great idea as they allow you to store snacks and drinks for the journey, as well as toys and books! There are loads of variations so shop around – they’ll also protect the back of your car seats from dirty little shoes!

iPad Holder

CA Koodi

These can be an absolute lifesaver on long trips! Just download a couple of films and your little ones will be amused all the way from A to B!


CA Bluetooth

Music is an important part of any roadtrip and it’s definitely worth considering. Stocking up your car with music is essential so make sure you have more than enough to last the journey – music that will suit both you and the kids! Audiobooks are another great idea to pass the time.

Wireless Kids Headphones

CA Headphones

Of course there will be times when you have been driven crazy by whichever Disney soundtrack the kids are into at the moment and that’s when you’ll need some quiet time! Wireless headphones could be the answer! No tricky cables to get tangled up and some brands have a safety volume for kids – perfect!

Head Rests

CA Headrest

If your journey is considerably long or involves an early morning or late night, it could be well worth investing in a head rest to entice your children to sleep for at least some of the journey. There’s an array of choice out there but safety and comfort are the top priorities.

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