Is Car Paint Protection Worth it?

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Is Car Paint Protection Worth it?

Quick answer: We believe it is worth paying for paint protection for your car when sold by a reputable dealer or specialist on new and nearly-new vehicles in order to protect your paintwork and shine. If something more is required after a year or so, professional car detailing and paint correction will also restore that “new car” gleam. Of course, for more serious paint repairs, ChipsAway can always fix scratches or dents.

When you are buying a new car from the dealership, paint protection systems are one of the extras you may be offered. In many cases, you may find that the dealer pushes additional products like alloy wheel insurance and upholstery protection more than the actual car!  However, this isn’t a cynical article designed to comment on the need for car dealerships to increase their bottom line – there are several reasons why we’d recommend doing your research before spending big on car paint protection so you know if it’s worth it.

What is paint protection?

Paint protection is nothing new – it’s been around for over 4 decades.  Sometimes it is called paint sealant; for the simple reason that it “seals” the paint. It coats your paintwork with a plastic shell which means light scratches and harmful chemicals can’t leave blemishes.

Water On Paint

There are a few different brands on the market, including Supagard and Diamondbrite, but your dealer may have a system unique to them.

How is it applied to the car?

The coating is applied directly to the bare paint, bonding to it. Wax needs to be removed before application, and washes and waxes are applied on top afterwards.

It’s crucial that paint protection systems are applied by professionals only. If you have been considering treating your car personally, we would recommend against it, for a variety of reasons:

  • Sealants can contain harmful chemicals which require proper safety gear
  • The top coatings of wax, oil and pollutants must be removed from the car. The protection will simply break down if applied over wax
  • If applied over harmful chemicals, or even squashed insects and other items,  the system will seal everything in, causing damage
  • Incorrect application can result in scratches and swirl marks which are then difficult to remove

When isn’t it worth it?

There are a number of reasons why we would recommend that you save your money when it comes to a new car purchase of paint protection.

  • Dealers do not always have access to the experienced car care professionals required to apply the system
  • There is no guarantee that the dealers “own-brand” product will be as good quality as the market leaders
  • Even with paint protection, there is no way to prevent the scratches, scrapes and dents which are common in driving

When might it be worth it?

If your new car is a major investment and you strongly feel a need for an additional shield, we recommend speaking to a reputable car detailing service near you to find out about the options available.

We believe that protecting your car’s paint is a worthwhile investment when dealing with a specialised technician or through a reputable dealer. As regular care and waxing will protect your car’s shine, it is worth thinking about whether you can commit to caring for paintwork yourself and, if not, car paint protection systems will keep your car’s colour looking better for longer.

We would recommend car paint protection from new, or within the first year of purchase, to ensure your car’s colour is protected. 

At ChipsAway, we match all coats of colour and polish to the car and every repair comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your paintwork requires a little more TLC than a great wash and wax, get in touch to find out how we can restore it to new.

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