The rising cost of Britain's parking problem

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The rising cost of Britain's parking problem

According to an article in The Telegraph, Britain is fast becoming a nation of parkers. The average car is parked for approx  96% of the time and spends only 4% of the time on the move.

Figures quoted from a new parking report by the RAC, show that 800 cars are parked per second. This is down to a rise in the number of cars recorded in the UK, which has increased by a staggering 26.5m since 1950, to 28.5m.

Not only have the number of cars on the road increased, but they have also increased in size, leading to parking problems such as minor scrapes, dents and scratches.  Cars are often too long or too wide to fit into car parking spaces, resulting in frustrated drivers and a source of revenue for parking attendants.  It is also not uncommon to see drivers kerb expensive alloys whilst parallel parking.

These figures are supported by data from leading car repair specialist ChipsAway, who have seen year-on-year growth in people enquiring about repairs to minor damage to car bodywork. The company reported an all-time high in repair enquiries during July 2012, in which they received almost 21,000 nationwide.

ChipsAway is one of the most successful automotive franchises in the UK with around 300 specialists operating nationwide, providing high quality 'on-the-spot' repairs to minor car bodywork damage, restoring paintwork quickly and cost effectively. A ChipsAway repair typically costs less than your insurance excess and so can save drivers having to make a claim and lose their no claims bonus. 

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