The Wonderful World of Speed Cameras

We see them on a daily basis and they fill even the bravest of us with fear; the mighty speed camera. We’ve all heard myths about how best to trick them and to get away with any speeding fines and points, but the truth is – they’re getting cleverer and more efficient!

There are over 20 different cameras in operation in the UK at the moment, and most of us have fallen foul of them at some time or another. We’ve compiled our top 5 speed camera stories from across the world – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

German man uses speed camera for marriage proposal

Christian Breier deliberately drove over the speed limit past a camera mounted near his home on the outskirts of Leipzig, while holding a large home-made sign up in the windscreen which read: “Willst du mich heiraten?” – “Will you marry me?”

In Germany speeding motorists are sent a photograph of the driver together with a speeding notice, proving who was at the wheel at the time of the offence. So when Christian’s girlfriend Anja opened the post, she found a photo of him holding up the marriage proposal.

She had previously told Christian to think of a cool way of proposing, and Christian’s response to the challenge cost him a €15 fine, but as far as he was concerned, it was worth it: she said yes.

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Fastest Speed Ever Recorded?

Two traffic patrol officers in Scotland were shocked when a hand-held radar device they were using to check the speed of approaching vehicles over the crest of a hill had clocked over 300mph, breaking the machine! The radar hadn’t glitched, it had infact locked onto a NATO Tornado fighter jet over the North Sea, which was engaged in a low-flying exercise over the Borders district.

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The speed camera bonus points scheme

A pupil of a Birmingham based driving instructor kept accelerating whenever he was coming up to a speed camera,  and required the instructor, Paul Dodd to keep breaking. After this happened a couple of times Paul pulled him over and asked him why he kept trying to speed past a speed camera. You won’t believe what he said… “My mate said that if you speed through those cameras the police send you photos of you going fast to prove you can drive well along with bonus points. You can use those points to get money off your insurance”.

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Nuns take law into their own hands
(we’re not sure about this one!)

The nuns of a convent in Hemel Hempstead took the law into their own hands to catch a dangerous bike rider that they claimed was possessed by the Devil. They used a Mini-Gatso radar gun to record the speed of the cyclist and to report him to the police.

Reverend Mother Mary Tilermore, takes up the story. “For months this man had ridden past the front door of our convent at breakneck speeds without any care for our safety. When one of our nuns was nearly struck, she saw Satan’s red eyes flashing at her as the man rode away, so we knew he was possessed. When the police couldn’t help, I bought the necessary equipment on Ebay.”

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Horse caught on speed camera

Police were confused whilst checking the some speed camera inages in Meppen, Germany when a horse was caught on film! The speed camera in question had been triggered when a car swerved to avoid the animal. Understandably, the driver requested he not be fined!

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We hope you like our interesting collection, they certainly amused us!

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