Rocketing Fuel Prices See Drivers Boycotting Their Cars

Fuel costs have rocketed by up to 52% over the last 5 years, which has led to dramatic changes in driver behaviour.

A poll by Post Office Car Insurances found that almost half of the 2,414 drivers they asked admitted to making fewer trips due to rising fuel prices. The average driver spends £27 a week on fuel and with a significant year on year increase in petrol prices, this is substantially more than in 2007.

The price increases have even led to drivers making dangerous decisions in an attempt to save on fuel costs. A poll by Greenflag found that 13% admitted to making journeys on an empty tank, of which 4% actually ran out of petrol whilst driving! These are worrying statistics! Running dry on a busy road can leave a driver at risk of being hit by other motorists, and drivers waiting at the side of the road for assistance can be leaving themselves in a vulnerable position.

Rocketing fuel costs topped the list as motorist’s biggest concern, followed closely by concerns about insurance price hikes and increased maintenance costs associated with owning and running a car.

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