Our Favourite Everyday Electric Cars

As of December 2018, there were over 200,000 electric cars registered in the UK. With more and more press about the negative impact we are having on the environment, and rising fuel prices, this number is only expected to rise.

Government schemes

There are two main Government schemes available to people buying electric cars:

  • Plug-in grant
    The Government’s plug-in grant is designed to discount the amount you will pay for an electric vehicle. This is 35% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of £3,500. The grant is given directly to the car dealerships and manufacturers, so you don’t have to do anything to claim this! It is available to a range of electric vehicles, but not all of them. Click here to see the list.
  • Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme
    This scheme helps towards the cost of installing a charge point in your home. The Government will give a 75% contribution towards the cost of buying and installing a single charge point, up to a maximum of £500.

Our Favourites

The bit you actually came to see, our top five everyday electric cars:

  1. BMW i3
    Rated 4/5 by What Car?
    Price: From £35,180
    This electric vehicle from German manufacturers, BMW, made it into our top 5. With a maximum speed of 93mph, it is joint highest with the Volkswagen e-Golf. The i3 has a 160-mile range when fully charged, and similar to others is exempt from congestion charges. But what about charging at home? A full charge from a standard wall socket can take up to 10 hours, however, if you choose to have a BMW i Wallbox installed, you can charge your i3 in just under 4 hours.
  2. Volkswagen e-Golf
    Rated 4/5 by What Car?
    Price: From £29,230
    This new entrant can go for up to 173-miles on a full charge. To charge your e-Golf fully at home, it can take anything between 12 to 15 hours using a regular wall socket. With the longest charging time on our list, this car tops out at a maximum of 93 mph – on a par with the BMW i3.
  3. Nissan LEAF
    Rated 5/5 by What Car?
    Price: From £26,690
    Securing the title of the Top Selling Electric Vehicle in Europe in 2018, number three on our list is made by the Japanese manufacturer, Nissan. It has a range slightly higher than the BMW i3 at 168 miles, and you can fully charge the LEAF in 7 and a half hours from home.
  4. smart EQ forfour
    Rated 2/5 by What Car?
    Price: From £21,690
    Number four on our list is the smart EQ forfour. This little car is only 3.49m long, making it perfect for city parking! With a charging time of 6 hours, using a normal plug socket, it is the quickest charging time on our list (only considering the standard wall plug chargers). However, the EQ forfour has a smaller range, of only 96-miles, and maxs out at 80mph.
  5. Renault ZOE
    Rated 4/5 by What Car?
    Price: From £21,920
    Last, but not least on our list is the Renault ZOE. This French manufacturer entered the electric vehicle market in 2014 with the ZOE. With an impressive 186-mile range, this car can go further than any of the others on our list. It charges within 7 to 8 hours at home, and has a maximum speed of 84mph. All of these features won the ZOE the What Car? Car of The Year 2019 – Electric Car Less Than £30,000.

So, that’s our list! What’s yours?

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