Driving Offences: Do You Know They Exist?

The majority of drivers know the main driving offence laws. These tend to be severe offences that could cause damage or harm to others if not followed correctly. However, there are many other rules that you may not know even existed. Therefore, you could be breaking the law without even realising it. So, we have put together an article highlighting some of the driving offences that aren’t as well known. So that you can stay safe and aware out on the road, potentially saving you a hefty fine.

Woman driving and texting on cell phone and not paying attention to the road. Hit a man on a bicycle. Dangerous situation.

Using your Phone to Pay at a Drive-Thru

It is illegal to be on your phone whilst driving. Whether it be taking a phone call, texting or scrolling through social media. This is an absolute no go and can be extremely dangerous! However, what a lot of us didn’t know is that it’s actually illegal to use your phone to pay for food whilst the engine is still running. Doing so could result in a maximum fine of £1000 or 6 points on your driving licence. Don’t risk it, it’s really not worth it. Try and remember to always switch your engine off and put your hand-break on before getting out your phone to pay.

Splashing pedestrians on the street

On a rainy day it’s common for puddles of water to gather on the side of the road. Driving through these puddles at a fast speed can cause the water to splash whoever is nearby. This is actually classed as a driving offence as it is seen as ‘driving without reasonable consideration for others’. So always ensure you look out for puddles and drive slowly and carefully through them, avoid getting a £100-£5000 fine and soaking a pedestrian.

Using your headlights to flash others to ‘give way’

You may think you are being a good Samaritan by flashing your headlights to let another driver out or give way. However, this is actually a driving offence that could land you with a minimum fine of £30! Instead, use hand gestures to signal this to others drivers.

Cruising in the middle lane of the motorway

Sitting for long periods of time in the middle lane of the motorway can result in a £100 fine and see you face 3 penalty points on your licence. Staying in the middle lane is classed as ‘careless driving,’ so be sure to move back into the left-hand inside lane after overtaking.

Dirty number plates

Naturally, your car is going to get dirty over time. However, if there is one thing you should check before you set off is most definitely your numberplate. Having a dirty number plate could make it unreadable and this could land you a hefty fine of up to £1000. If your number plate is getting overly dirty, give it a quick wipe down and save yourself the fine.

Angrily beeping your horn

Beeping the horn to alert a driver or pedestrian of your presence is legal. This could be on a one-way bridge or if you are worried another driver may not have seen you. However, if you beep your horn out of anger and road rage, this could leave you with a £30 fine. Try your best to hold in that anger and don’t unleash it onto your horn.

Not informing the DVLA about detail changes or medical conditions

If you have recently changed your name or address and have not told the DVLA, it is actually an illegal offence. It is also illegal not to inform the DVLA of any medical conditions, disabilities visual impairments you may have. So always update your information as soon as possible.

Throwing something out of the window

It is illegal to throw things out of your car, because this is littering. Even if you throw something as small as a piece of used fruit out of the window thinking that it will decompose in nature, that is still seen as littering and you could be hit with a fine. Keep it in your car until you pull up and find a nearby bin.

Driving with snow on the roof

We all know what it’s like waking up on a cold frosty morning, having to sit outside in the freezing temperatures waiting for your car to defrost. When your windscreen and windows are clear it can be very easy to forget about your roof. It is actually illegal to drive with snow on your roof, not only could it be dangerous but you may also end up with a fine. Make sure you brush all of the snow off before setting off.

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Although it can be very frustrating being stuck behind a slow driver that is hogging the middle lane, whatever you do, do not undertake them. It is a criminal offence that can be extremely dangerous and you could even end up in court. Stay alert and wait for an opportunity to overtake safely.

It’s important to stay up to date with all of the latest driving laws, not just those stated above. Stay aware and alert, keeping you and others safe out on the roads.

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